Sorry, you do not have permission to the repository upload token.

You need write access to the repository in GitHub to access the upload token.

Using CircleCI, Travis-CI, AppVeyor, or Azure Pipelines? Great news! The upload token is not required. Just upload and we'll take care of the rest.

Step 2 - Upload reports

Upload your reports using the bash uploader in your preferred CI/CD environment

bash <(curl -s

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Codecov support multiple languages in a single repository?

Yes. You may have multiple languages in the same repository. Blend Python with Javascript or Go with C. For more details please review our docs.

Is it safe to use the Codecov Bash uploader?

Yes. You trust install packages via pip, gem, npm and brew. Running Codecov Bash is essentially the same concept. It all comes down to trusting the source of the package. Contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

View Codecov Bash source

How does Codecov combine matrix builds and multiple CI providers?

Effortlessly. Codecov merges builds into a single report while maintaining the original source of the coverage data. Send as many uploads from different CI providers and languages to Codecov. Plug-and-Play! See a fine example here pyca/cryptography.

Does Codecov replace my CI provider?

No, Codecov does not run your test suite. That's the job of a CI provider. Codecov does static analysis on your repository once your tests are complete and coverage reports are uploaded.