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Use flags to group coverage reports by test type, project and/or folders.
Then setup custom commit statuses and notifications for each flag.

e.g., #unittest #integration

#production #enterprise

#frontend #backend

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@@ -18,8 +18,9 @@
18 18
#' @param limit integer, limit the number of records you wish to retrieve. By
19 19
#'   default, 100 are returned.
20 20
#' @param synonym logical, synonym search. If TRUE, synonym terms from MeSH
21 -
#'   terminology and the UniProt synonym list are queried, too. Disabled by
22 -
#'   default.
21 +
#'   terminology and the UniProt synonym list are queried, too.
22 +
#'   In order to replicate results from the website, with the Rest API
23 +
#'   you need to turn synonyms ON!
23 24
#' @param sort character, relevance ranking is used by default. Use
24 25
#'   \code{sort = 'cited'} for sorting by the number of citations, or
25 26
#'   \code{sort = 'date'} by the most recent publications.

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